The Herd

The Dream Team

Birthday April 26th, 2002

-Rojo The Llama- 

Rojo was Mtn Peak’s first purchased llama! Originally coming to their farm in 2003 to be a 4-H llama, Rojo was raised to be social and people-friendly from birth. Mtn Peak’s began sharing Rojo with nursing homes and special-needs groups beginning in 2007 after winning many blue ribbons for his exceptionally social personality.

Incredibly touchable, and unusually people-friendly, Rojo is recognized has become a celebrity llama for his participation in regular visits to schools, hospitals, and adult-care facilities throughout the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA area.

Learn more about Rojo HERE

Born 9/19/2009

-Napoleon The Alpaca- 

Napoleon was Mtn Peak’s first therapy alpaca! Generously donated in 2010 by Columbia Mist Alpacas of Woodland, WA, Napoleon was hand-selected by his breeder for our program due to his exceptional personality. 

Most alpacas tend to have a stronger “herd instinct” than llamas, and few do well when they are separated from their buddies. Napoleon is very unique, as he has always had a very independent personality, and so enjoys venturing out by himself. He has done remarkably well on therapy visits from the start with his smaller size often being less intimidating for many that might tend to be more nervous about approaching our bigger llamas. We love having such a sweet alpaca to share with everyone!

Born 10/8/2002

-Smokey the Llama- 

Smokey is known as our Smiling Llama. Purchased to help offset the growing popularity of animal-assisted therapy with llamas, Smokey was purchased from Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch in June of 2009. Smokey officially became certified for therapy through DoveLewis on October 31st. 2009. Since 2011, Smokey has become very nervous to leave the farm alone. Seeing this change in behavior, Mtn Peaks no longer asks Smokey to leave the farm alone, however he is still an excellent public relations llama alongside a friend like Rojo and Napoleon.

Born Summer 2008

-Beni the Llama- 

The Greeter of the herd. Beni is the first one to come say hello to all farm guest.

We first heard about Beni from Sherri Tallmon, owner of Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch. Sherri had noticed Beni, only one at the time, at a farm where he was suffering from neglect, and severely underweight for his age. She convinced his owners to let her take him in, and provided him with the necessary treatments to regain his health. Because Beni was so touchable and people friendly, Sherri suggested him to us for possible future therapy use. We brought him to our home on September 23rd, 2009, to help continue his recovery, and fell in love with him almost immediately!

Therapy Animals in Training

Born 8/8/2010

-Jean-Pierre the Alpaca- 

Our heart-throb of an alpaca, Jean-Pierre is our lovey-dovey alpaca. Jean-Pierre, referred to lovingly as JP on the farm, was graciously donated to Mtn Peaks in 2012 by Mike Safley of NW Alpacas. JP’s fiber is also the softest of all of our alpacas- like petting a giant fluffy cotton ball!

Following in Rojo’s shoes, JP is shared to a local girl to train and show him through our local 4-H llama club. His trainer, Allara, has been working with JP since 2016 competing annually at county and state fair as they both grow together in public relations skills. We are hoping thanks to Allara that JP will be our next great therapy alpaca!

Born 8/10/2011

-Andre the Alpaca-

Known for his epic afro and his incredible ability to escape the pasture, Andre is too clever for his own good. Another wonderfully sweet and huggable alpaca, recently donated by Columbia Mist Alpacas!  He is very huggable, and has done several therapy visits, but still needs a bit more training among larger group settings.  Welcome to our therapy teams, Andre! 

^^Diego                                              ^^Rodrigo      Born July 2015                          Born June 4th, 2015


-Alpacas Diego & Rodrigo- 

Half-brothers, Diego & Rodrigo came to the farm when they were a year and a half old. Donated by Columbia Mist Alpacas, these two sweet boys hold a great deal of potential for future therapy alpacas. 

The Pasture Animals

Born 7/7/2011

-Mini Llama Lil Charlie Chaplin-

Purchased from Rockn’ R Llamas in Vancouver, WA, Charlie is the most recent llama added to the Mtn Peaks herd. Loving Charlie’s smaller size, there were great hopes in training this sweet llama to be another therapy animal. Although easy to handle once on a halter, after getting to know him better, it is clear Charlie’s personality isn’t quite “therapy quality” and is enjoyed by many who come to meet him on the farm.

Born in 1997

-Sasha the Llama-

Sasha is the Mufasa of the herd. As the second llama purchased by Mtn Peaks from Rockin R Llamas here in Vancouver, Washington. At the age of 5, Sasha was purchased to help be Rojo’s wise, fatherly figure as he continued to grow from a baby. We are proud of Sasha’s role in Rojo’s and our lives.

Fun Fact: Sasha means Alexander in Russian. Our Sasha is known for always having one ear up, one ear sideways, with a smile painted across his face.