Llamas and alpacas are a part of the camelid family. Camelids have been domesticated for thousands of years: alpacas are valued for their dense, soft fiber, and llamas, as beasts of burden to pack across the Andes Mountains. We have a heart for sharing and educating about these special animals.

IMG_20180103_150841_915It is not unusual for llama and alpaca farmers to have a couple of exceptionally friendly animals in their herd that they like to share with the public and at community events. Naturally curious and social, you can now find camelids as show animals at fairs, walking in parades, and visiting local farmers markets across the states. This is how the owners of Classy Camelids began back in 2002 after purchasing their first llama.

In 2007, the mother-daughter duo, Lori Gregory and Shannon Joy, began sharing their lloving llama, Rojo, as a therapy animal. Lori was instantly touched by the responses she saw from those who met Rojo and began sharing several llamas and alpacas as therapy animals full time in 2010,  then forming a 501(c)3 non-profit,  Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas.  Seeing her mother building up something she could no longer do alone, Shannon quit her job in 2015 and joined her mother full-time in this growing venture.


By inviting Classy Camelids to your next event, you help Shannon and Lori to volunteer their time mid-week all year-round, continuing to take their llamas and alpacas inside nursing homes, special-need schools, rehab and memory care facilities to bring smiles to those who need it most, all while offering a completely unique and educational form of entertainment enjoyed by the young and old alike!

Not all llamas and alpacas are meant to be used in this capacity, which is why Lori and Shannon take seriously the search for llamas and alpacas with special dispositions, keeping an eye out for those who prefer to be around humans over their herd and are confident being alone and social. Though Shannon & Lori might work every day in the week, their animals are rotated daily, making sure they have plenty of rest at home, so they can enjoy when they leave the farm.

Learn more about the lladies behind the llamas and learn about how they’re always Giving Back