Zoom Crashers

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Llama and alpaca zoom-crashers are here, and they are bringing smiles and delight to everyone logged in. Meet: Zooming With Llamas (& Alpacas)!

Invite our herd into your next virtual meeting, family gathering, friends happy hour, or surprise birthday bash for just $50! For 15 minutes, you will be able to meet our 6 llamas & 7 alpacas. Feel as though you are right there in the pasture, learning fun facts about these unique animals and watch them eat carrots – because for whatever reason, watching a llama/alpaca chew something is hilarious.

Our farm is located just north of Portland, Oregon, so please be considerate of the time difference acknowledging either the time zone of your meeting, or converting your desired time into Pacific Time when placing your request. Our calendar can be conveniently viewed here to help arrange a session. We have also worked with a wide variety of virtual chat apps, so don’t feel you are limited to just Zoom.

Virtual field trips for schools: we would LLOVE to share our herd with your classroom! Our school pricing is $25 for 15-20 minutes, focusing on learning about the history of llamas and alpacas, what makes them such uniquely special animals, and how our farm shares our herd for therapy and educational interactions in our community. We taper our lessons based on the age of the students, so please let us know what age you are teaching so we can best make sure we can prepare accordingly.