Visit the Farm

Welcome to our farm!! Located in Ridgefield, WA, across from the new ilani Casino, you are invited to pet, hug, feed, and have a safe experience meeting our herd of 13 llamas and alpacas.

Whether it’s needing some mid-covid-19 therapy, looking for an educational experience for your homeschooling kiddos, or simply obsessed with llamas and alpacas, you can now visit our farm for a private, one-on-one visit. Following Covid-19 protocols, adults are welcome to walk into the pasture for a unique experience of being surrounded by adoring camelids. Younger kiddos will have the safe ability of meeting the herd through our open deck. You will even be able to walk a llama/alpaca of your choosing through our new, mini obstacle course and end the hour with a family photo.

We are so excited to introduce you to all members of our herd! Though most of our herd are shared currently as therapy animals who visit nursing homes and special-needs groups, the others are in training and your farm experience will them help grow to become the next generation of strong and confident therapy llamas and alpacas!

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