“The look on everyone’s faces was absolutely priceless when Rojo and Napoleon entered for our cocktail hour! They stuck around for the full hour to meet and greet with all our friends and family. Many carrot kisses and hugs were given!

To this day, we still get raves about how much everyone loved Rojo and Napoleon at our wedding. It was the perfect quirky touch to add to our big day and it kept our guests entertained while we had to take off to sign our marriage certificate and take additional photos.” -Jenny & Brian




Jack Cooley, Porltand Mercury

“The super-friendly ruminants arrived dressed as a bride and groom and posed for photos with everyone. It cut down on a mob at the food carts, made for really good Facebook posts, and got awkward aunts conversing with coworkers we had 10 years ago… it beat the hell out of more ‘mustache in the photobooth’ wedding pics.”

-Andrea Damewood, Portland Mercury