Planning Your Farm Visit

  1. Pick your day. Use our calendar viewable HERE to help pick your day to visit. Thanks to Covid-19, we are pretty flexible during daylight hours.
  2. Come dressed in weather-appropriate clothes along with close-toed shoes as you will be engaging with large livestock. Even if under cover, we will be outside and in open-air environments throughout your visit.
  3. Take into account traffic patterns to arrive 5-10 minutes before your visit. In the event you arrive late and we have a scheduled visit after you, you may not receive the full time desired on the farm for the safety of each group. There is no refund for failure to commute in a timely manner.
  4. We are a working farm and therefore may not be safe for extra-energized children. Waivers will be signed before your visit so please be aware of whether or not children you bring will be able to remain safe and calm during your visit.
  5. We will provide carrots for feeding and all photos seen on this page were taken by Shannon – she will take similar photos during your own visit and will provide you a DropBox link of your memories to enjoy for years to come.

Visits are for groups up to 4 people, or one household. Please send an email for larger group pricing and experience expectations. Weekend pricing is $100 for one hour. Weekday pricing is $65 for one hour. Homeschool/family pricing mid-week, 10:30-2pm $45 for one hour.