Did you know it is completely impossible to not smile in the presence of a classy camelid?! It’s true. It is even more difficult to not want to stop and take a selfie right then and there with them. Surround our fancy llamas and alpacas with your company’s logo for the most social-media shareable photo-op for your clients and employees.

It is so hard in this day and age to find something perfect for everyone. This is where our gentle giants come into the picture! Whether someone is 2 or 92 years old, our animals are magnets for all to come pet, hug and feed creating lasting memories for years to come.

EVEN BETTER ~ all of the corporate events we do help to support animal assisted therapy right here in Vancouver, Washington & Portland, Oregon. Learn more about Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas to see how your next event gives back to your community.


Interested in booking these sweet creatures for your business? Check out our Booking Page to see what should be considered!