What to Consider

Never booked a camelid before and wondering what all goes into inviting such a fancy guest? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Our llamas and alpacas don’t take much, but these simple considerations will help not only the animals stay comfortable, but will help enrich the experience of your guests during their appearance.

1. Classy Camelids are just that: classy! They have padded feet similar to a dog’s that won’t scuff or ruin wood floors or manicured lawns and they always come fitted with their own customized protective garments. These garments are discreetly hidden behind bushy tails and under their colorful attire that no one is the wiser allowing most locations to welcome our handsome fellows inside leaving everywhere they go exactly as they found it.

2. Parking. Please consider parking when inviting our llamas/alpacas. They conveniently travel inside vans to enjoy the a/c in the summer or heat in the winter, and help make parking so much easier within the city. If you are inviting us somewhere with limited parking, please, consider saving a spot to best allow a timely start and end to our visit.

For public events: we typically arrive during events so please consider saving a parking spot of us as walking 400lb furry friends several blocks can take up a lot of time with each person we pass begging for a selfie. This also is a huge help when weather is too hot and our animals cannot walk on pavement without burning their pads OR when it is raining as no one likes to hug a wet animal. Our animals are used to riding in elevators making parking garages a welcomed option for corporate appearances.

3. Plan for crowds! There is something about animals that is magnetic. Especially when they are dressed up. Allowing space for a line to form is incredibly helpful as guests are happy to wait in line when they can visually see they’re only X-amount of spots away from a selfie of their own.

5. When planning a wedding a year away: We place a priority on our participation in local fundraising events such as the Buddy Walk for down syndrome, Candlelighters 5K for children with cancer, and the Walk, Roll, Run for Cerebral Palsy. Because of this, we do not confirm any weddings further than 6 months out to allow our animals participation in these community-focused events. However, we are happy to add your special day and details to our calendar to give first priority in the event we can come celebrate with you.

4. Prepare to soak in the smiles. All of your preparation has paid off and we can take it from here! When you invite Classy Camelids, we come prepared. From bags of sliced carrots to offer that unique carrot kiss experience everyone will be talking about, to providing extra hands to pass your cell phone to for that photo you can’t wait to share.

We understand this is a new experience for most and do our best to allow each and every person to experience the llama llove while getting the opportunity to learn about llamas and alpacas and how your event is helping to share these animals as therapy animals throughout the community. Win. Win. Win.

Please Note: Weather is our #1 concern when it comes to the comfort of our animals. We do not risk traveling with our animals in extreme weather whether that be snow or sun. This means requests in the months of July and August have the highest potential for cancellations due to heat whereas December and January has the highest potential for snow. Understand booking during these months are welcomed though should be understood that Classy Camelids may cancel with a week’s notice as weather becomes more certain. We try our best to stay in full communication during these times to figure out alternatives or how to best keep our animals safe and stress-free.