Best Wedding Experience

Nowadays, it’s rare to go to a wedding that doesn’t include some sort of photobooth component. In an age of social-media worthy photos, guests love to snap pics of themselves dressed up, letting loose, and celebrating two of their favorite people getting married. But what if I told you that the best photo experience available                        wasn’t a photobooth?!

Enter: Wedding Llamas.

Real life llamas?!


REAL. LIFE. LLAMAS. and alpacas.

Before you think these are caged animal, forced to comply for our selfish, social-media driven desires, these llamas were born with stronger social instincts. Just how you can tell that certain dogs prefer to be around humans and others prefer their own personal space, llamas have been domesticated animals, trained to live alongside humans and pack their gear over mountains for thousands of years. And now, similar to horses and dogs, they are enjoyed as social pets and, the ones born with the right personality, make for exceptional therapy animals who visit adult care communities and special-needs groups. And these particular llamas, have been shared for therapy interactions llloooonnnngggg before entering the wedding scene. Read more about that here.

And now couples all over the Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington area are taking advantage of supporting this unique therapy and educational program by giving their guests an experience of a lifetime!

Picture this: You have just spent all morning anxiously getting ready. You finally get to see your one and only true love, and it’s an experience shared with 150 guests – not all of them you even know. And yet, here they are, all excited to give you hugs and share in this moment that you have been dreaming of sharing with one. other. person. Okay, that’s a little harsh – but in all seriousness, this is your day. Take this moment after your ceremony and slip away, unnoticed with the help of Classy Camelids.


After saying “I Do,” and kissing your way into marriage, take a few moments to soak in your own private llama lloves while your guests transition into cocktail hour. Then you can take all the credit by walking your own wedding llamas *and alpacas* into your cocktail hour to see all of your friends and family light up with excitement. Then, simply slip away. Your bar 20190525_185538line will be lightening, your guests will be bonding, and we will ensure the party gets started! Everyone within eyesight of our party animals will be filled with instant joy and giddiness and you can enjoy being married for one. hot. second. ❤




For the record, Classy Camelids makes for great complimentary entertainment during cocktail hour while photobooths are fantastic as dancing alternative during your reception. We just help get the party started.